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A timely novel about a Parsi foreign student in Delaware, who in the turbulent wake of the Iran hostage crisis can't distinguish his redneck oppressors from his Deadhead neighbors. And the story of a violent world that is nevertheless slowly coming together.

Fahrschein bis Minto: Erzahlungen aus Indien und Amerika

The German translation of Ticket to Minto by Thomas Loschner, 2006, Mitteldeutscher Verlag/Press. Read about Fahrschein's selection as one of the Most Beautiful Books, 2006.

Ticket to Minto: Stories of India and America (2001 Iowa Short Fiction Award)

"From an Iowa Fiction Award winner and East Indian now resident in the US, 12 finely crafted stories that evoke the tug of tradition all immigrants feel, as well as life in contemporary India. . . . Quiet, evocative tales illuminating India and the Indian experience in America." -- Kirkus Reviews

Ticket to Minto: Stories of India and America (Indian Edition, 2002)

"This collection of 12 stories is stunning in its breadth and scope of language and description. This is a fresh voice in South Asian fiction . . . . One can grow tired of Rushdie wannabes, mother-in-law stereotypes and village parodies. Fracis's writing is brutally honest, exposing sinew and nerves and getting at the heart of the matter." --India Currents

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